Desktop Application & Mobile Apps

  • 01Connectivity and Communication between Teacher and Student’s Parent made simple!
  • 02On-Time information circulation between Parents and Teachers
  • 03Caters to 3 type of Users :- Super - User, Parent, Teacher

Top Features

Custom Group

  • Create multiple groups
  • Assign Student and Teacher

Publish academics

  • Monthly assignment
  • Weekly flow
  • Worksheet
  • Home assignment
  • Weekend home assignment

Time Table

  • Publish Student’s and Teacher’s Time table
  • Ease of Schedule and Time Management


  • Upload Holidays and other Events
  • Standard information sharing

Data Upload

  • Upload bulk data of Students and Teachers
  • Database creation


  • Share announcements for Students


  • Attendance

Result and Certificates

  • Upload Student’s Results and Certificates

Exam and Test Schedule

  • Upload Exam and Test schedule

Dashboard for Management

  • Detailed Dashboard

Effective fees management

  • Centralized Reporting

School Transport Management

  • Real-time tracking of school vehicle

View Academics

  • Monthly Assignment
  • Weekly Flow
  • Worksheet
  • Home Assignment
  • Weekend Home Assignment

Time Table

  • Check Student’s daily time table


  • View Holidays and other Events as marked by Admin in Calendar


  • Handy On-time view of Circulars published by School/Admin


  • View of all the moments shared by the Teacher


  • Quick check on the Student’s monthly Attendance


  • Notification of all Announcements

Apply Leave

  • Apply your child’s leave with the Mobile App

Exam and Test Schedule

  • Updated handy Exam schedule

Result & Certificate

  • See and Download Student’s certificate

Sibling alignment

  • Parent can access the information of 2 or more students through same application at the same time


  • View the Notifications

Calendar with Holidays

  • View Holidays in Calendar


  • Mark Student’s daily attendance through App

Share Moments

  • Upload images with description and share with Students


  • Teacher creates Announcement for Students

Submit Remark

  • Submit remarks for individual Students of the class


  • Daily Attendance
  • Monthly attendance of a particular Student
  • Leaves

Home Assignment

  • Upload Home Assignments daily for Students
  • Uploaded Assignments get approved by the Admin

Exam and Test

  • View the Exam and Test dates


  • Reject or Approve the Leave applied by the Parent


  • View the notifications

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