Product Review Helpdesk Tool

helpdesk application

sIT Desk (Helpdesk Tool)

A typical service desk which manages incidents, service requests and change reports to help establish better communication between the firm and the user. It can easily be defined as the single point of contact between the service provider and the users.

Helpdesk Tool offers various facilities among which few can be described as:

  • Requests – These can be defined as the requests generated by the requestor to any service department to aware any service.

  • Incidents – These can be defined as the sudden halt in any service offered by any service department.

  • Change Reports – These can be made to use, to appeal any new change in existing system or demand to create a complete new system.

  • Complaints – These can be defined as the complaints by external people.

  • Approvals – The ticket generated needs to go through the dept. manager for approval before going directly to any service department

  • Escalations/ Escalation Matrix – The raised ticket on which when the action is not taken in gets escalated to next manager and the manager is notified the action has not been taken against the raised ticket.

  • Reports – Helpdesk tool offers wide variety of reports.

  • Open Tickets

  • Close Tickets

  • Resolved Tickets

  • Duplicate Tickets etc.

From beginning of query to its resolving to proper satisfaction by the ticket generator and closing of ticket all is taken care of.

  • Ticket Generation – the ticket is generated by the employee to the particular service department for any query.

  • Resolving – the ticket generated is taken under consideration and is resolved by the service department.

  • Ticket Closing – the resolved ticket is again taken in consideration whether the proper action is taken in by the service department. After full satisfaction the closure rights provided to ticket generator come in action to close the ticket.

It comes as a complete solution for the queries of the user.

The brief description can be described as:

  • Ticket: A ticket is raised whenever an employee from one service department wants to establish communication with the other service department with any query.The service department HOD can view / asign the same ticket by going in the assigned to dept. column.

  • Requestor: An employee who generates Ticket for other service department can be termed as requestor.

  • Assigner: Reporting Manager/HOD is termed as Assigner. Assigner is a person who will allocate the ticket to one of the person within his/her team.

  • Resolver: An employee who has been allocated with the Ticket.

  • Ticket Type: It is categorization of Ticket.

  • Approvers: When an employee generate a query it is needed to be approved by the HOD or other person in authorization. There is a series of approver or approvers which are needed to approve the ticket before passing on to the other service department.

  • Approver I: First Level approver of Ticket

  • Approver II: Second level approver of Ticket

  • Approver III: Final level of approver of Ticket

Others :

  • Request:- When Employee needs any additional service from department then, ticket type “Request” is chosen.

  • Incident:- It is an unplanned interruption to a Service or reduction in the Quality of a running Service. Failure of any Item, software or hardware, used in the support of a system that has not yet affected service is also an Incident.

  • Change:- Modification required in running system or processes is termed as change. Change report also comes with yet another option to select whether the change asked by the requestor impacts the business in what way (highly, medium, low). Thus there by helping the organization to figure out how much importance needs to be provided to the change report. Change report comes in very useful as it helps in connecting to make any process more efficient.

  • Complaint:- When a customer or client expresses dissatisfaction with a service or product, whether in writing or verbally, it is called Complaint.

  • Complaint Porta:-l An internal customer service process in place to effectively handle the complaint and carried through different steps to an ultimate decision. A formal complaint procedure reassures a customer that his/her opinion is valued, will be reviewed by management and above all, potentially used for correcting and preventing future problems.

Ticket Raising Process

In order to raise a ticket there are different categories details which are chosen by the requestor in order to put up any query to any service department. These details can be described as:

  • Category: Name of Department.

  • Type: It is way of categorizing work to any department.

  • Item: it is sub categorization of work of any department.

  • Reason: It is a more in depth statement.

  • Reason Detail: A section where user provides details against the required inputs and mentions complete description of his task

  • User Urgency: It is a drop down where user chooses his ticket Priority.