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Cost & Profit Management by this Time & Effort tracking system

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One stop solution for the Time Management, User Management, Attendance Management and the Real Time Insights.

The Key Features

The Sakshem IT’s electronic time sheet software is one of the best

time and attendance software

that streamlines the entire management of time, users, attendance and many others. One can easily record their efforts spent on each project, task, activity and then adequately ask their reporting managers to review and approve these.
This software for timesheets gives real time insights for all time accurate analysis and effort outputs. The key features given by the sIT’s electronic Time Sheet are the project planning, timesheet and the overall time tracking, the timer and much more. For the ease of the company, it is extremely easy to access the Project’s efforts and the cost management. Real analytics are shared in regard to the usage timings. On time alerts and notifications are also enabled so that the updates and relevant information is shared without any delay.
There are 3 major roles through which this application can be used. The foremost is The Admin, then three level of Timesheet Manager and then comes The Team.

The User Interface


  • The admin user gets the access to the overall dashboard, where he can see the status of each activity happening under several companies. The count of companies, departments, users and projects are seen under this dashboard window. The status of Project completion is also ascertained through the dashboard of this

    electronic timesheet software



  • This

    employee timesheet software

    provides the provision of creating several companies. These companies can also be created through admin user by importing an excel sheet into the eTS software. Further, after importing or adding the companies, one can edit the details of individual companies as well without any hassle.


  • One can easily create several departments without any hassle through the most convenient feature of excel import. The admin user can further edit the details of individual departments even after importing or adding them.

Projects, activities, assignment and task

  • In this

    project and time management software

    , the admin user can easily create a number of projects under any department of any company. This can effectively be done under this time sheeting and time management software. Each project can be marked with the respective start & end date, so that it becomes adequate to track it end to end. For the ease of creating the already running several projects, this

    employee timesheet software

    comes with the option of importing the project list. Click on import and all the projects are auto created in the software. Multiple milestones and planned effort hours are also marked while creating the project.


  • There comes the main aspect of creating the actual users, the people who will work under any project of any company’s department. The admin user creates multiple team members in the eTS, he defines the role while creating the user. Either it would be the Timesheet Manager or the Team(user). Being one of the

    team monitoring tools

    , each individual Team member can be assigned with several projects. For the ease of our clients, even bulk user import option has been configured under eTS, so this overall becomes the

    timesheet app for multiple employees



  • The admin user can see reports on the basis of the department or the company he selects for the report generation. The reports are easily customizable and hence daily or monthly reports can be conveniently generated. It is utmost important to evaluate each company’s and department’s progress; therefore, this report feature is extremely important. This also includes the report based on the approvals given by the Timesheet manager to the Team members. These reports act as the

    employee productivity monitoring tools


Projects, activities, assignment and task

  • The Timesheet manager is the one to whom the team reports, the foremost feature for this role is to create single project or multiple projects, as per own way of working. Any project that is created by the timesheet manager can be fixed with a start and an end date. This ensures that the project(s) can be adequately tracked. There also exists an additional feature under which the planned effort hours (expected hour’s contribution) is also filled by the timesheet manager


  • This feature allows the timesheet manager to create a single team member or appropriately import multiple team members as per the need or the project. He further assigns the relevant project to each team member. Also, he ensures that while adding the team member into the system he fixes the team member’s hourly rate as well.

Time sheet

  • eTS software comes with the feature of the

    daily working hours’ time tracking

    . One saves the daily working hours and further publishes the recorded daily working hours. This activity is done by the timesheet manager as he also plays the role of a team member. While entering the daily hours, there is facility of adding the remarks. This ensures that each day’s executed work is well explained.


  • With the facility of reports, one can easily see their own report of projects as well. He can see the detailed report of the Time sheet approvals as well. He sees the trend of requests approved or rejected by him. The timesheet manager can also see the user’s report as well. Since it captures the team’s attendance therefore, it is an effective

    attendance time tracking software



  • The Timesheet manager gets the provision of reviewing the team’s daily efforts and the remarks. He gets details of the

    employee activity tracking

    basis on which he either approves or rejects. The team daily fills their efforts in each project and adds remarks for explanation. Once the team publishes this, the alert goes to the timesheet manager for review. He can either accept those or reject those. The timesheet manager as a team member himself can also fill the daily effort and remarks and send for approval through this

    online timesheet application



  • The team members always find it as an add on when they can see the trend of the efforts that have spent on each project. They can judge their performance as per the deviations of dates and schedules that happen under any project. Henceforth, the sIT-fIT eTS acts as the productivity enhancer as it shows the team members a descriptive dashboard with the graph of their planned efforts, the graph of their actual efforts and also the projects as assigned.

Time sheet

  • The team member conveniently enters the daily working hours of each project that he has worked upon every day. Daily effort hours and the respective remarks are filled in this online

    timesheets for employees

    . At the end of the week, the collated week’s working hours are published as well. There might also be chances that the team member has not been assigned the respective project he has been working on. So, through the eTS software the team member himself adds the project in his timesheet. He just needs to select from the drop down list. This software acts as the overall

    time tracker for employees



  • eTS comes with the facility of Attendance management as well. When the team member logs into the eTS application, there comes the icon and popup of entering the login time or the start time, one clicks on submit and the login time gets stored. Also, during the end of the day while the team member wants to log out of the application, he has to click on the out of office icon and record his outgoing time. In case the total login hours do not come out to be equivalent to the standard office duration, then the team member can add the number of hours he has worked offline.


  • The team member can see and evaluate the reports based on the dates and the projects under this feature of

    employee report management tool

    . He can export the desired project’s report and see his effort details and also can on the other hand just select a date and see him efforts contributed on that day. In this

    employee tasks management software

    , several reports act as the easy evaluator of time and effort.

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