We create Powerful Web & Software solutions
that go beyond it's function.

web development company

Development Services we offer

Think of something unique, usable, clean coded, with subtle but with effective transitions and great support. That’s the way we do it.

web design


We provide website designing

- planning
- Creation to updation
- Overall Website Maintenance

Our Website design involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colours, contrasts, fonts and imagery (photography) as well as custom design. We concentrate on functionalities, e. g. to what extent it is possible to update a website through content management system and which features are visible to users.

Web development

We develop web sites for the Internet (World Wide Web) / Intranet (a private network), we take care of developing the simplest.

Our team perform web engineering, web designing, web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, as well as simple and complex e-commerce development.

We do the non-designing aspects of building web sites along with writing markup and coding, creation of content management systems or CMS.
We follow standard agile methodologies while developing websites. Web development may be a collaborative effort with our customers.

web development
software development

Software development

We follow CMMi practices , and standard Agile development methodology.

Software Development Services like CRM, HRMS, Helpdesk and Busines Softwares are vital business tools for maintaining information flow between all business functions, and to manage connections with outside stakeholders. Software Development Services of sIT help in increasing the overall business profitability of the organization.

Digital marketing

Increased communication of organizations fosters brand awareness and often improves customer service. In today’s global online reach, it is essential to stay in touch and engage yourself directly with the current and prospective customers.
Our social media marketing services can establish your brand on the major social media platforms and enable you to interact directly with the customers. Social Media Marketing is a vital part of the digital marketing strategy to promote your brand in a direct and positive way among your target group of customers.

digital marketing company
mobile application development company

Mobile Application

From a customer’s initial awareness of the solution to its end user experience measures the relevance and effectiveness of a digital solution. It is about the meaningful aspects of how people see, hear, and touch it. This means the focus is on how the customer enjoys and perceives value when interacting with a system. It’s about making solutions easy to use, valuable and effective for people. Organizations need to design their solutions as holistic end user experiences of their brands by taking into consideration the application of marketing, branding, usability and aesthetics. The mobile channel is probably the most personal touch point available for your brand.