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Business Automation

We do the business automation starting from the procurement, supply chain, stock keeping, sales distribution, CRM and its unique type of incentive calculation & dispatch for its customers. We provide easy and dynamic solutions for each of the processes in a centralised way, thus, every departments vertical and external sub-ordinates can have synchronisation; and communication can be tracked properly.
Keeping in this aspect we have developed three different applications for its different communities:

CRM :-CRM is a small customised ERP to manage all the day to day operations for several departments like: Customer Query, Sales Distribution, Complaint Redressal, Stock Transaction, Documents Management etc.

Sales :-Sales is a POS (point of sale) used by a franchise to generate bills and manage all the stock related reports like purchase, refund and sale.

IR Gateway :-IR Gateway is an unique application for direct sellers, who are registered with the company with proper profiling, where one can manage whole business and personal activities related to sales business.

customer relationship management application

CRM (Customer Relation Management)

CRM is one of a major and required modules now-a-days to every business. The processes under this module is the core of business strategies, planning, forecasting and the sales. So automation of the process under this module is very critical and sensitive part of the work scope. In today world, Traditional CRM, where the existing and proposed customer data bank with the query, complaints and sales leads are managed is not sufficient.

  • Integration of the cross platform applications

  • Data migration between two different application on periodic or real time

  • Embedding modules from one app into other application

  • Specific Hardware integration

  • Job based functions/activities/Trigger

  • Mail/SMS Alerts integration for cross departments within organization

SRM (Supplier Relation Management)

SRM (Supplier Relation Management) is the most critical module if the business required the products/services from third party to sell and raise the transactions. Now days managing the vendor database required many salient identity to do business like Party name, Bank Details, Contact Person and Details etc.

  • Vendor Ratings on the basis of Services/Supply

  • Duplicity of the Vendor’s Record

  • Payment Alerts

  • Legal documents requirements

  • Quotation Comparison and Approval

  • PO Approval and closure


  • Quality Check/Assurance

Supplier Relation Management

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

SCM (Supply Chain Management) is one of the critical processes, which can minimize the cost and effectiveness if defined and automated in tuned way. This process requires so many analytics reports for further scope of work, where only automation can provide the solution to achieve the target with the accuracy. Under SCM modules some of the scope which needs to be in the system are:

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Sale Order

  • Customer List

  • Inventory Distribution

  • Critical Stock Level Management

  • Downfall-Upstream sales

  • Dispatch Planning & Tracking

Complaint Redressal System

One of the critical and very important aspect for any business to handle the complaints and provide the on-time and satisfactory solution to the customer. The complaint handling process is simply vary from one business to other, which required some dedicated alignment where process totally follow the consumer grievance. Some of the scope of this module is

  • Life Cycle of the Complaints

  • Aging of the Complaints

  • Customer List

  • Source of the Complaints

  • Feed Back of the Complaints.

Complaint Redressal System