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About Us

Sakshem IT Solution(sIT) is a Private Limited company that helps its clients with services of solutions and application development. This includes custom development, integration and product roll out. Sakshem IT Solution has extensive experience in business process re-engineering and organizational transformations that to helps organizations adapt new processes and technology changes. Sakshem IT strongly believe in sIT-FIT methodology, i.e. Sakshem-IT – feelings in IT, means we listen the feelings behind any project/dream of our customer and we try our best to reflect the same in the final delivery so that the customer feels delighted.

Our mission is to provide customer excellence through our expert team and, technology with elite feelings and strategies.

Our vision is to be a globally recognized consulting firm, that provides in-depth IT and business support to Organizations and will ultimately be a partner in their vision

Full Spectrum Technical Development

Think of something User-friendly, clean coded, with subtle but effective transitions along with great support and you find Sakshem IT for you . As that’s the way we do it.


is our Unique dedication model to bring the best thinking from across our Company, Customers and Management team.

sales application

is our years of IT service journey packaged into solution patterns to address business challenges.

Technology, Commitment & Feelings

is what we strongly believe in customer's sentiments, and use it as a major ingredient to provide robust digital experience to get their delight.

Our Technology Basket